I wanted to contact you to thank you for the experience of purchasing the vehicle in August, 2018.  It is a significant concern to purchase a car sight unseen but your reputation and the ability view extremely high quality photos make the process much easier.


When the vehicle arrived, I was relieved that it “didn’t have a nick on it” was a very accurate statement.  I went to the effort to have the vehicle inspected by the local Jaguar dealer in Denver to see if there were any issues which needed attention.  They came back and said the car was “flawless”.  Thanks again for your efforts in getting the vehicle shipped and the quick execution of the transaction.


Morgan Cragin

2015 jaguar f type convertible



In the market for an exotic vehicle? If so, then Roy is the man! Very knowledgeable, helpful, and patient. I would highly recommend Royal Carriage. Wonderful experience, he helps makes the transaction as smooth as it can be.



2014 mazda miata


I have purchased many cars over the years online. I have to say dealing with Roy was one off the best experiences of all. Roy is a true car guy, from start to finish he was a pleasure to work with. The 2005 Bentley  was as good or even better then he said. Being on the east coast and the car coming from the west coast can be a little scary. He made it easy from the first questions I had about the car, then the purchase, and then shipping to my door. Thanks Roy look forward to working with you again.
Frank in NY

bentley continental GT coupe


I recently purchased a new car from Roy and I could not be more pleased with the professionalism, efficiency and overall customer service involved.  If you are in the market for a luxury vehicle, Royal Carriage is an absolute must to deal with.  Straight forward, extremely knowledgeable and a delight to work with.  Went above and beyond to ensure a smooth process and enjoyable experience.  Thank you Roy!  I am extremely pleased with this purchase.

Rob B

2015 Mercedes G63



I'm extremely picky with the cars I like to own.  Roy was beyond amazing and got me more than I asked for.  I will be recommending Royal Carriage to all my friends.

Hing Y, Las vegas


Ferrari 458



I had never shopped online for a car, let alone negotiate a price over the phone without having seen the car in person. My experience with Royal Carriage was absolutely great. Roy Wong provided all of the details about the car online and over the phone, and everything he represented was exactly as I had observed. The detailed photos online were an accurate representation of the vehicle and Roy never hesitated to provide any supportive documentation. Roy listened to the requests I had during and after the sale, and he even worked to get my car shipped to Utah at a price that was 70% less than what it would have cost me to ship it!! I will definitely buy from Royal Carriage again, and will recommend Roy to friends and family.

John Salt lake city

2018 Tesla model s90


I recently bought a 2013 C250 Mercedes Benz from Roy of Royal Carriage,the car is superb and Roy is like no other dealer,he takes care of his client way beyond expected.He is very accommodating and kind,my car buying experience was no hassle what so ever. This is the place to go for high end vehicles, he carries the top of the line, great stuff  no less. I have been to a lot of dealership and I can honestly say Royal Carriage is the only one for me and my family from now on .5  stars no less. If there is a much higher rating than 5. I would. :)

Darney K, Las Vegas

Mercedes C250



Bought an SL600 RennTech upgrade. I bought it unseen other than seeing the car on the Royal Carriage web-site the Owner and Principal (Roy) he described the car and condition perfectly. We buy a number of unusual cars for our collection. We're up to 8 right now, the next will be an Aston Vanquish Volante. Roy will get the deal, again and again and again. A trust worthy auto dealer. Refreshing to have a great buying experience. And very knowledgable about his industry and the financing of such exotic motors. 5 Star Rated!

John R. Kansas

2016 Mercedes SL600



Aloha Roy,

After having to exercise our patience for the past few weeks we finally received the 2014 Mercedes C-250 this morning.   Car was a bit soiled on the inside and I attribute that to the dock workers who handled the car.  Other than that we could not be happier with what we received.  Floor mats were still in the trunk.

It is being detailed as we speak and I expect that it will be in showroom condition when we get it back.

Thank you so much for your assistance in this purchase.

Morty Carter

Hawaii 3/2017
mercedes c250

Roy was great to work with and the car is a dream come true. No hassle, low pressure, quick paperwork, personable. We will back when we are looking for our next purchase!
Paul B. 2007 M6 coupe

I have bought multiple cars from Roy and will continue to use him instead of retail car dealerships for any future purchases.  Roy is a true professional and I would recommend him to anyone wishing to buy or sell a vehicle.
Mike D. Henderson Nevada 2014 porsche panamera

Royal Carriage is simply brilliant! Roy found exactly what I wanted and asked for in my Porsche 911 S. Roy made buying my car fun and wonderfully easy. It's the first time I've bought a car through a broker and Roy has been nothing but fantastic, putting me at ease, explaining the entire process in detail and sharing his wonderful knowledge along the way. My expectations of the whole process have been exceeded. I've also been extremely impressed with Roy's impeccable level of service, amazing knowledge and passion for everything automotive! It's been a joy to meet and work with Roy! My wife and I will be buying from Royal Carriage and Roy again very soon!

If you're in the market for a car and want a wonderful, uncomplicated, fun and professional experience you have to work with Roy and Royal Carriage.
Matt 2007 911 S

I bought Mercedes SL600 from Roy in March 2013. I would like to say that buying a car from Roy was an unusually pleasant experience. Roy is not just an honest person, but he is also capable of finding and offering quality cars to the public. He is posting tons of pictures in an original resolution and not doctoring them in Photoshop as I have seen many times before with other dealers. The car looked much better in person than it did on the posted pictures.

I have been looking for a similar car for a few months on the internet every day, but could not find one even close to this one, because of higher mileage, price, condition, carfax, etc. I have no idea how Roy finds his cars. However, I am sure that he has a rare skill for finding indisputable gems! Thanks Roy!
Corner S.
mercedes SL600

We have purchased three vehicles from Royal Carriage and couldn't be more thrilled with our "fleet."  Roy was a pleasure to work with and exceptional at making each transaction seamless. Our BMW, Mercedes and Infiniti purchases are absolutely gorgeous cars and remarkable to drive. We highly recommend Royal Carriage and look forward to working with Roy again.
Holly W. San Diego



Dear Roy

I just wanted to send you a note to let you know that i am enjoying my Ferrari so much I drive it almost everyday.I have put almost 4000 miles on it and it runs better now than when i bought it, that is because these cars are made to be driven! It is the most fabulous car I have ever owned! Thanks to you making my purchase very enjoyable and easy. I am looking forward to buying my next Ferrari from you in the next year or so. Please keep me informed of your new inventory so i can consider another purchase from you.


Dr Philip Barnard 

Ferrari 360 Spyder




Hi Roy,

Hope all is well.

I just want to thank you for all you did to make my car so terrific.

It has become very clear to me now that the maintenance work you arranged to be done on the car prior to selling it was invaluable.

You could have "cut corners" to make a little more money but you didn't!

Your position was "I want this car to be as right as possible" and I commend you for taking that higher ethical ground!

Heartfelt thanks,

Oliver. Jan 2013

2006 Aston Martin DB9 Volante


**A++ Best transaction EVER ! Trustworthy, Honest: HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION !  2004 Masserati Coupe

 ------------q--=*********************88****This car was as described, in excellent condition. Great company!  2003 Aston Martin vantage volante

**I got exactly what I was told I was buying, an excellent car. I'd do it again.  2005 VW Phaeton

**Roy really knows his merchandise! He was very helpful completing the process.  2005 Aston Martin DB9 

**Best auto seller! 3rd vehicle I've purchased from them. Never disappointed!!  2010 Mercedes ML350 

**I love the car, absolutely more then I hoped for….so glad we waited. J.  2010 Cadillac Escalade

**This XKR is SWEET!!! I wish I had another $25K to spend. Loving the Maserati. I drive it any excuse I can get... out of milk, no prob... I'm on it! HA!!! Thanks again for everything!  2008 Jaguar XKR coupe

**Hi Roy - just had the Mas out and went to dinner. Every time I drive it I am THRILLED!! I am still dazzled by the car - its looks, comfort, performance - cannot fault it for anything. I've never had a car that I enjoyed this much (and I've had 10 Mercedes-Benz, 8 Porsches, 3 Jaguars). A friend of mine might be interested in a Quattroporte. I'll let you know. Hope you are OK and everything is good in your world. Talk to you soon.

Marc Landes   2005 Maserati Vintage Coupe



You have been unbelievable through this whole process. I can't thank you enough.

Best Regards,

Frank    2002 Maserati Spyder


**Hi Roy, I went to DMV and got the plates. The car is wonderful and I appreciate your complete follow thru on the transaction. Lynda is becoming more comfortable driving the car and we enjoy it very much. Thanks again, Dave   2009 BMW Z4 


will leave you good feedback. I have bought several cars in my life and I have never had an easier experience than I did with you. A+ for professionalism and kindness. If you ever get any older bimmers email me--I am a collector. I am especially interested in M cars.

2003 BMW 740IL


Hi Roy,

Caitlin and I made it home safely this morning and the car was wonderful! Thanks to you and Jenna for the honest dealing and kind hospitality!

Roger    2006 Porsche Cayman S


Hi Roy, we just love our SL55 AMG, everywhere we go, people say NICE CAR. Thanks, Bob & Georgiann  2006 Mercedes SL55


U ROCK, Roy !!!!!! :-)

Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T    2005 Jaguar XK Coupe


Roythe one thing I learned about you is that you are a trustworthy guy and very easy and pleasant to work with I tell that to everybody

I really wish this economy was better I would flood you with business

Hopefully soon

Thanks again for your’e help    2006 BMW 650 Convertible


Loving my car! Thank you so much!

Take care,

Karen    2008 Mercedes SL550


This is Mrs. Guzman (Angel's wife) I just want to say Thanks a bunch!!!!. You've been a blessing
to us. You have got 2 beautiful cars for us. Jaguar and Cadillac SUV. I am a very happy lady, We
drove the Cadillac yesterday, It runs nice. Thanks again and May God bless you always for being so
caring, honest and great person. My husband and I are very please with you.
We are going to recommend you to everyone we know.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2009 to your Family and You!.

Mr. Angel & Evelyn Guzman
2009 Cadillac SRX, 2005 Jaguar XJ8


Hi Roy

I apologize...I'm just now checking my e-mail this evening and noticed quite a few from you since I last checked on 12/9. I certainly presume the wire transfer went through ok this morning or Carrie wouldn't be driving the car home now as I type. Your right in that the girls did have a good time the other night and they greatly appreciated your hospitality. Secondly, I want to THANK YOU personnally for making this such a great experience for both Carrie and myself. I was less than excited about a purchase such as this over the internet and you have been great to work with on this to say the very least. I very much appreciate all your insight and expertise on car buying, internet transactions, warranties, bmw's, etc. You are certainly very deserving of all the great remarks everyone has made about their past transactions with you and we will make sure to do the same given our experience with you as well. I wish you all the luck and success that life has to offer and a very Happy Holidays!



2006 BMW 650 Convertible